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A Day in the Life of a Lake Joy Elementary "Lion"

From 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., our students prepare for instruction by organizing their desks and
materials. Homework is turned in and any messages or notes are given to the teacher. Students
complete morning work given by the teacher during this time.
After morning announcements, the national anthem is played and students are given the
opportunity to pledge allegiance to the flag. A moment of silence is observed once the pledge is
complete. After the moment of silence, the instructional day begins. If your child arrives after
the starting time of 8:30, he/she is considered tardy. Please walk your child to the office and sign
your child in at the front desk. We appreciate you having your child here on time.
Students may enter the building at 7:45 when the doors are unlocked. No one is available to
supervise students before this time. Students may not be dropped off at a door to wait for the 7:45
arrival time. Students arriving in cars will enter from the front doors in the center hall. Students
arriving by bus will enter the building through the back doors in the center hall.
Prior to 8:00 all students will report to the gym unless they are eating breakfast. They will sit by
grade level in the designated area. Students are subject to the authority of the adult on duty.
Students will be released to homerooms at the 8:00 bell.
LJE staff members will be on duty at the car ramp and on the bus ramp to receive students at 7:45.
Please be courteous to others:
• Please remain in the car line to drop your child off. If you exit the car rider line, please park
and walk your child up to the front door.
• All students should be released from the ramp. No student should get out of the car prior
to the ramp. This is for your child's safety.
• Park only in designated spaces. (No cars should park blocking the line or the ramp)
• Please be careful and refrain from cell phone usage while in the moving line to drop-off and
pick-up children.
• If at all possible, students should sit by a door opening on the passenger side. Students are
put in dangerous situations when they must cross between cars. Please watch for children
who exit the cars on the driver's side.
All students must be walked to the front of the building. No student will be permitted to enter
from the side or back doors. Exceptions are students going to the classroom with a parent with the
LJE staff.
Breakfast is served from 7:45 - 8:20. Please see the HCBOE Student Handbook for prices.
Instruction begins promptly at 8:30 a.m. Students arriving after the 8:30 bell must have an adult,
preferably a parent, sign the student in and print a tardy slip on the computer in the office. Please
review the attendance policy in the HCBOE Student Handbook about tardies and early dismissals.
Please make extra time allowances during rainy days, since traffic tends to be heavier when it
Students who are car riders will be dismissed at the 3:30 p.m. bell. All students leaving earlier than
3:30 must be checked out in the office and print an early dismissal slip on the computer. This slip
will be sent to the teacher. Please do not put your child's teacher in an awkward position by asking
them to release a student early.
Please inform the teacher, in writing, if your child is going home a different way than usual. You
may attach a note in the agenda. No child will be allowed to go a different way unless you have
sent written permission. If you call the office to change the normal transportation, you must do so
before 3:00 p.m. No transportation changes will be taken over the phone for children with custody
disputes. Do not e-mail a teacher with a change of transportation; teachers may not get this
message until after dismissal time. Anyone picking up a student for an early dismissal is subject to
an ID check. Please do not be offended if office personnel ask for a photo ID when you are picking
up your child early. The safety of our students is the primary concern.
• Parents who get out of the vehicle to pick up a student:
1. Park in a parking space in the front of the building or the side of the building.
2. Go to an LJE staff member in the front of the building to inform them that you are
picking up your child(ren).
3. Have your Lake Joy Pick-up card in hand. Every student will receive a pick-up card.
4. Keep students close; do not allow them to run ahead to your vehicle.
Early Dismissal--If you plan to pick your child up early, please pick up before 3:00.
Car riders will wait in the cafeteria. All students are subject to the authority of the adults on
duty. Parents should display their pick-up cards in the front dash on the passenger's side. This
will hopefully make the dismissal process easier. Students will be called by an LJE staff member
to stand by a numbered cone. Slowly move up to the appropriate cone. All students must be
picked up by 3:50. Those not picked up by 3:50 will have to be signed out in the office. Your child's
safety is our #1 concern at Lake Joy Elementary. In order to help the flow of traffic we ask that
the procedures below be followed. The following solutions should help make drop off and pick
up procedures safer for our students.
• We will be giving all parents two pick-up cards which will let us know who you are picking up.
Having the pick-up card in your passenger's side window will help us move students as
quickly as possible. Parents/Guardians not having a decal will have to come to the office to
check out their child.
• Students must be picked-up by 3:50 p.m. each day. Students will have to be signed out in the
office after 3:50.
• PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLES; teachers will be assisting students to vehicles in the
• If you have a child who attends both LJP and LJE, you will enter from Lake View Rd., drop off
your primary child, and then proceed to LJE. Please obey the stop signs. There is a two way
stop sign located between the two schools. Once you have dropped off or picked up your
child, you will then continue south and exit onto Lake Joy Rd. In order to assist with the flow
of traffic, we ask that all vehicles take a right onto Lake Joy. It may be impossible to take a
left onto this heavily traveled road.
• If you have only a LJE student and you are picking up or dropping off, you will enter from Lake
Joy Rd, drop off or pick up your child and then exit on Lake Joy. Again, please obey the two
way stop sign. Working cooperatively will help us with our traffic flow. We ask that you also
exit on Lake Joy Rd and take a right.
• In order to pick up your child, you must pick them up in the front of the building and have your
pick-up card.
• Lines will be single file in order to allow parents or guests to leave the campus.
• Please be careful and refrain from cell phone usage while in the moving line to drop-off and pickup
Our standard procedure is that the child goes home the same way every day unless we have a
phone call or note from you. At 3:00 p.m., all teachers are notified over the intercom of any
changes in transportation.
We begin releasing students at 3:30 p.m. Please help us with this by making sure your child's
teacher has received a note from you or you have called the school with a transportation
change. My staff and I will do our very best to ensure your child arrives home per your request.
Please remember that drop off and pick up times are the most hectic times of the day. With
over 1200 students attending both Lake Joy Primary and Lake Joy Elementary drop off and pick
up will be very hectic. We ask that you adhere to the procedures mentioned above. As
mentioned earlier, SAFETY is our #1 concern. With your help, we can make dismissal procedures
run smoothly and effectively this year. Thank you for your cooperation and support.